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Bercerita Bahasa Inggris

es Bercerita Bahasa InggrisBagaimana sebenarnya bercerita dalam berbahasa Inggris ? Tidak semudah yang anda bayangkan ? Atau tidak sesulit yang anda bayangkan ?

Mari kita bercerita apa yang pernah terjadi dalam hidup kita yang telah lalu, baik itu tahun lalu, bulan lalu, minggu lalu, 2 hari yang lalu atau kemaren.

Dan bagaimana hubungannya dengan GRAMMARINDO Cambridge. Dan bagaimana juga hubungannya dengan Speaking di Cambridge ? Mari silakan anda share cerita berbahasa Inggris anda di Cambridge ini.

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80 Responses to Bercerita Bahasa Inggris

  1. Anis says:

    last week, I went to mall together my friend’s NORDA. There we looked the good and I liket it. I bought a doll teddy bear. After that, we returned to my friend’s house

  2. Siti Fatmah says:

    last month, me and my friends would made a curtain of plastic at home anita. Before we went to anita, i and hanibah went to the house ika was friends the other has not yet come. We also had to wait for them. A few moments later they too come. And we also went straight to the house of anita in sukabumi to made curtains of plastic. My friends who joined hm are gusmila wati, ika, nita, annikmah, marlina, hanibah, me, and anita.

  3. Annisa Safitri says:

    I want to tell you about my holiday. Last year i went to yogyakarta i went by car i went with my brother.we visited home aunt.the home near parangtritis we saw sunset in parangtritis beach. I so happy because i saw wonderful picture.
    At night we slept in home tomorrow we back to home..

  4. Siti Mulyasarah says:

    Last Week i went to market with my sister we use motor cycle.After to Arrive i and my sister direct climb ladder.I went bought bag and blouse.After I want its.we direct back home

  5. Ahmad fatahudin says:

    My name is Ahmad fatahudin, I usually got up 5 o’clock in the morning.
    Then I cleaned my room and took a bath.. I helped my parents before I had
    breakfast in the diningroom and never forgotto washed my hands before had
    my breakfast, after i had breakfast i got dressed and a view minutes i ready
    to went to my school.

  6. ahmad sayuthi says:

    Approximately one month ago my family and i went to my uncle’s house in cape during the two days we stayed there a journey home i was very excited.

  7. Jumiati says:

    Last week, I overdued to get up. Then in I weent overdued to school. I acclerated my bicycle, so quickly to school, mement when croosed the road, I almost collided whit a motor vehicle, and 0n that day, I can draw lessons, so I not in ahurry any more.

  8. syafrudin says:

    last week I to the market together my sister.we went to the market for bought the new shoe for my nephew.she like the green,we bought shoe the green colored.and we bought meatballs.after that,we returned to home.

  9. Nor aminah says:

    Last weekend my priend and I went to borobudur for a vacation we went there on a bus when we arrived ginger tea and my priend drank some cold lemonade then i went to the toilet it took only a few minutes

  10. marhamah says:

    Listen to me ,story me two days ago : i went to in the house friends
    for the cooperation to do task in from teacher.
    By chance in taks in nealry same with me,
    I cooperation in the study mathematics
    with together my friends Ismi Nor Aida

  11. Sitinorhidayah says:

    Sunday morning, after finished clean up home. I go to wet rice field to help brother. After finished i return home to home. Afternoon day i and family go to danau panggang for visit elder brother average there kkn. After there till situation then become very happy. Afternoon day then after prayer ashar we return home to home.

  12. arif rahman says:

    During my holiday oen years ago i gone to in magelang for meet my family colected with my big family. And we have very very happy because meet don’t ..some month we have together cooked with full happy.and at time we have time finished together.

  13. Ghazali says:

    Day that enough sad for I , I went to market for purchase shoe , till
    in shope shoe , I see shoe fine and I question price shoe that and
    price shoe that enough expensive and I not become purchase shoe that ,
    and liver I fell sad because not become purchase shoe that , and I
    return home to house with sad , !

  14. Najrul ahyan says:

    last year i holiday to Madura on first day i and family went to grandmother home in Madura.there i and family look a beach beautiful and water pure night day i and family dinner in restaurant and next day i and family return home

  15. Norda Ilahi says:

    Last week, I go to Prambanan with family. we see high mountains and so beautiful, Then we stop in one place, Then we with eat together. The after we also return to home with heart that happy.

  16. wahidah says:

    Last month i whint to gembira loka i whint together my friends we play in gerden gembira loka after that i to market and eat wnch in there we feel tired once and this traviling very happy.

  17. Mariatul says:

    Three last mont, I went to market in place my sister in Babir. I and my sister are arrived in the place. I went to bought blouse. We are park motorbicycle in the park. We are to blouse shop. Then we are return to home.

  18. Zarkasi says:

    Yesterday, I and brother went to market by motorcycle. Pirst,we bought jacket. Next,we went to food shop for bought bread and went to book shop for bought newpaper.
    Last,we return to home.tomorrow, I went to my friend house in tanjung.because he well birthday party.

  19. Muhlis says:

    yesterday,me and my uncle went to the market.we boy clothes,after
    which we had lunch together at a restaurant.then we went to a trip to
    the amusement park,and playing with satisfaction using the facilities
    there.after a long day of play we were satisfied to go to for a break.

  20. Laila says:

    last week I went to betang .there view his very beautiful,there I beheld flower and home custom. visitor his so much.I photograph there and I lunch.I fell tired once and afternoon I came back to home.

  21. Santi R. says:

    Last year ago, at the shool holidays, me and my mother went to Banjarmasin, the first day me and my mother went to my ancle house, the next day, we went to the market for bought cake..and then we return to my ancle house for broke. The last day me and my mother return to my home.

  22. Aida says:

    last week my and sister went to mall, we travel it ten in the morning, mall very good, much at to sell, food, drink, fruit. we much to buy food and fruit .we to go home clock nine night.

  23. Syarif says:

    last two day,I went to pasar panas,I together friends go with motor
    cycle and take a photos in house a costom,and me very happy an we back

  24. Indah armanda Rahmadani says:

    1. Yogi menulis surat kemarin
    (+) yogi wrote letter yesterday
    (-) yogi did not write letter yesterday
    (?)did yogi write letter yesterday ?

    2. Anita mengirim surat tahun lalu
    (+) Anita sent letter last week
    (-) Anita did not send letter last week
    (?) did anita send letter last week ?

  25. Sarwani says:

    my friends visited me yesterday at home. I didn’t know because i was sleeping. they knocked the door. then I opened the door. i was happy to meet my friends.

  26. Aulia Rahman says:

    last night i and freinds went to market. but on the road we forgot to bring money. so canceled going.

  27. Atik says:

    I am still loving you. Nobody knows it. I hope he can help me…

  28. Sizka says:

    he is loving me but i am not loving him….

  29. Rizky prayuda says:

    i am going to market yesterday with my freinds. there we eting gado-gado. it very nice.

  30. Tengku says:

    i read twho english story in english yesterday. it was very good story.

  31. karim says:

    Incredible..!!, after i read all ur write, i must say i’r the best. U make me beter than before, u make me have a great sprit to learn English. I’m karim from semarang City, central java. I’m PNS. U can look and add me in fb with my ID fabian ebby kaloh. I hope u can guide me to learn English next. This is my longerst commen in English, i never write longest than this before. You make me dare to write in English, Thank u verry much.

  32. Deesy says:

    Situation:desy and nailah
    are make tea

    desy : nailah
    nailah : yes
    desy : you can help me?
    Nailah : of course !
    Desy : how to make tea?
    Nailah : first add water hot then sugar and tea.and input to cup
    desy : after in input?
    Nailah : stir smooth and ready in serving
    desy : than you
    nailah : your’welcome

  33. Ikhsani W says:

    ‘How to Make Juice Mellon’

    I : rizki my friend is coming to day, I want give juice mellon but I don’t know how to make juice mellon can you help me ?
    R : oh this very easy ? First you cot mellon, after that enter to blend.
    I : oh yes, after that ?
    R : then you enter 1 spoon suger, and 1 spoon milk.
    I : next what I do ?
    R : next you take 1 glass water, and 1 glass ice. Enter to blend.
    I : does is finally Rizki ?
    R : oh no, after that, you blend all. If done, so pour in glass, juice mellon is ready.
    I : oh Rizki thank you, now i can make juice mellon.
    R : oh you well came.

  34. Rika audina says:



    R1: Hy,what are you doing ?
    R2: I Will make to mango juice.
    R1: How to make Mango juice ?
    R2: First,prepare Mango,ice,milk mell ,and sugar.
    R1: How many that matters need ?
    R2: Sufficient…
    R1: Next ?
    R2: Then,mix all matter and blender to shatterred,
    Finally,pour to glass
    R1: O o o…
    R2: Yes ….

  35. riza reza says:

    yesterday i meet my friends at market. i am happy because so lont time i dont meet them.

  36. dedi shandra says:

    ada tidak cambridge di jogya ? kalau ada lokasinya dimana ? saya mau gabung.terima kasih

  37. wira says:

    we played football yesterday. when playing it was raining hard, we stop playing untill we went home.

  38. berty dwi triyo says:

    I love english since i studied at junior high school in Jeapara. my teacher taught me very clear and freedom.

  39. Agustinus says:

    I have got read your own article. It’s truly helpful. We may benefit a great deal from the application. Fluent posting style plus vivid words make us readers take pleasure in reading. I is going to share ones own opinions by using my good friends.

  40. adi saputra says:

    as, how are you all, I am very happy to join with you, I thought I had difficulty in speaking English, please help from my friends all yes.

  41. Diani says:

    Last week, i went to yogyakarta to home my grand mother there i live during three days.
    first day i stroll whille saw wet rice field. second day i went to home my uncle there i hear story about experience uncle. Next day i returned to home.

  42. Mudasir says:

    Slamat sore
    Saya mau nanya program kursus toefl itu biayanya berapa mas/mbak???
    berpa lama programnya???
    lokasi ada gak dijakarta selatan???
    trus program sabtu minggu ada gak???

  43. MAHYULI says:

    On thusday, me and the family went tou grandma’s house. Grandma in solo we left at 08:00 and arrives at 19:00 so until i was greeted by grandmother and family. After up todo, Im playing in the sea and in the garden, once satisfied, I went straight home and family tou train again…

  44. Dwi Yan says:

    Hello everybody, here id like to tell you about my personal experience. It is about “Almost Fell Into The River”.
    Last Saturday when i drove motorcycle i and my friend almost fell into the river becasuse course slippery and damaged road.

  45. Siti Rafiah says:

    Pada suatu hari saya pergi ke rumah adat bersama teman – teman dan kami melihat taman yang indah dan kami berfoto bersama, selesai berfoto kami makan siang dan selesai makan kami pun melanjutkan melihat rumah adat dan saat itu hari hujan dan kami pun lari mencari tempat untuk berteduh. Saat hujan sudah reda kami pun pulang saat diperjalanan kami mampir di pasar untuk membeli oleh – oleh dengan membeli pakaian. Selesai membeli oleh – oleh kami pun melanjutkan perjalanan untuk kembali kerumah masing – masing
    One day i go to house tradisional together friend and we to see garden who beautiful and we photo together ready photo we to eat day time and ready to eat we too to proceed to see house tradisonal and moment then day rair and we too to run to hunt for place for take shelter. Moment rain to after abated we too return moment at journey we to stop at marker for to buy oleh – oleh by to buy clothes finished to buy oleh – oleh we too to hunt for to stop for back again the house aech

  46. Norhayati says:

    Saat Libur tiba,saya bersama keluarga saya pergi ke rumah nenek. Di perjalanan saya melihat pemandangan yang sangat indah.sesampainya di rumah nenek,saya pun kelelahan dan langsung tidur. Beberapa jam kemudian saya pun di suruh bangun oleh ibu saya untuk membantu ibu saya menyiapkan makanan. Selesai menyiapkan makanan saya pun mandi. Sehabis mandi saya di ajak kakak saya pergi ke pasar untuk membeli perlengkapan rumah.

    moment holiday to come, I together family go to home grenmother. to trip I see scenery very beauty. Finis home grenmother , I also tired and straigh sleep. Some time aftervuards I to command get up by my mother to help my mother prepare to eat. Finished prepare to eat I am to bathe. Finished to bathe I to invite my sister go to market to buy complementary house.

  47. Shela says:

    Pada tanggal 10 agustus 2013 hari ke dua sesudah lebaran, saya dan kaka pergi ke tanjung untuk bersilaturrahmi atau bermaaf-maaf pan kepada kaka yang tempat kediam didaerah sana. ketika kami berangkat ketempat kediaman kaka, kami pun dengan selamat sampai kesana. ketika kami tiba disana, saya meminta maaf kepada kaka atas kesalahan yang pernah saya lakukan yang lalu dan ketika kami mau pulang kaka pesankan kepada kami untuk meminta maaf kepada orang tua atas kesalahannya. kami pun pulang kerumah dengan selamat tanpa gangguan apapun.
    Go to Tanjung
    On date 10 august 2013 two day a religious feast. I and brother go to tanjung fot goodwill or forgive another to sister place of residence in ragion that. When we to depart place of residence sister, we also with safe to arrive there. When I arrive there, I to apologize to sister on. Mistake who ever I beha vour ago and when we want’s go to home sister order till we to apologize to enough parent on mistake. we also go home with safe to forge vex nothing.

  48. zaenal says:

    i hope i can write everything in english…

  49. ayas says:

    Saat liburan saya pergi ketempat teman saya untu menginap dirumah teman saya.pada pagi hari minggu saya mencari ikan disawah bersama teman saya kami pun berangkat menuju tempat pemancingan yaitu disawah.setalah lama menunggu, akhirnya saya dapat ikan.setalah dapat cukup banyak saya langsung pulang dan ikannya akan kami bakar bersama teman saya.setelah malam kami berkumpul dirumah teman sya untuk membakar ikan yang kami dapat tadi siang. Satu persatu teman saya berdatangan setelah semua berkumpul kami langsung membakar ikannya sampai matang.setelah masak kami langsung memakannya bersama sama.

    Fused when I went to may friend place to spance the morning at my friend house on Sunday might I was looking for fish in rice field with may friend hers until we barn with my friend after we neden aathered the migh we can this afternoon one persab was headed fishing spot that is in the field after a long weit for its ana I can be quite fishj after he address and ik u my friend after air conditioned arrival we immediately qabhored his fish burn my fish we come together directly consuming.

  50. Fitriadi says:

    Pada hari libur sekolah saya dan teman sayaingin prgi memancing, tetapi pancingan saya tidak ada terpaksa saya harus membuatnya dulu dengan teman saya. sekitar jam setengah 12 saya dan teman saya pergi mencing tetapi tidak di izinkan karena mau azan zuhur. tepaksa saya menunggu. besoknya saya dan teman saya pergi memacing. setibanya disana saya sangat senang sekali karena banyak teman-teman saya yg lain yg memancing disana. di sawah itu sangat banyak orang-orang yg memancing juga. saya dan teman-teman saya sangat senang karena kana terus tetapi ikannya kecil-kecil tapi seru memancing dengan teman-teman. saya pun pulang dengan membawa ikan yg banyak untuk di nikmati dan setelah sampai dirumah saya langsung mandi dan menikmati ikan tadi bersama.

    On school holidays yesterday my friend and I wanted to go fishing, but I do inducement to make her my first with my friend. appoximately 11.30 hour my friend and I wanted to go fishing but parents would not allow for the adhan. I was forced to wait for hia day tomorrow. in the morning my friend and I wentinto the fields to his fishing there I very happy because a lot of friends my other friends there since they first arrived on our right of appeal there was a lot of people who fishing. my friends and I verry happy because it keeps in contect with her fish but the fish are small but fun fishing with a friend. I also come home with plenty of fish to eat together and after areive home Iad-bath and eating together.

  51. Andri Leo says:

    Last month I holiday with friends to Takisung beach . I and friends went to Takisung beach by bus . We went to Takisung beach for looked scene around . Next time we went to Banjar Baru for played football . Next time I and friends back to
    home each at to night.

  52. Andi Nadya Chaerunnisa says:

    Mr. Najamuddin & Mrs. Andi Najeddaini’s first daughter who was born to be ELF, J-Poper, Otaku, Tsundere and Fujoshi!

  53. dita riesta says:

    i’am a graduate student and i want to get a complete modul of the english language

  54. greenfield says:

    I’ve read the comments, though they’re not perfect I believe there has been some improvements for the learners, my question is; since mostly I think the comments are for English Speaking, so it is acceptable but can the method also cover the Written English as well?

  55. Sri says:

    English is an international language, very important to support my career which often have working with other foreigner. i'm having difficulty learning about good english with good grammar in speaking and writing. i hope can have learn with other method to increase my english ability.

  56. hisyam says:

    I am 35 years old now. I have degree in accounting. I think talking in English as a second language is a must for better life. I intens learning english recently and wish to achieve my goal to go abroad for working in cabin crew.

  57. zia says:

    English is the language of the world and I want to be able to speak English properly. can speak english makes me so confident and able to apply for the prestigious workplace. but a place to learn English was very expensive. so difficult to learn in a place that could make me be fluent in English.

  58. arief khushain says:

    My name arief khushain, and i interested to study aboard, and get scholarship, so i have to reach minimum score of toefl to register scholarship's provider

  59. juhadi says:

    Iam English Teacher in State Senior High School and I'am Seeking the way to make my studen can speak english fluently. I Think English is easy to practice but to make our students speak, it is not easy.

  60. nuraini says:

    jaman sekarang inggris benar2 menjadi kebutuhan utama karena kalo kita ga bisa inggris seolah-olah kita sudah menjadi orang yang terbelakang

  61. Lina says:

    I’d like to Know more about Cambridge indonesia. Do you have one in tangerang City? Would you like to tell me where it is? My daughter is studying in EF Cengkareng but I”m going to move her to another english course. Cos’ the teacher is local not native. My daughter is 8 years old.

  62. murhan says:

    Last night i go to my house freind. After come i meet him and then we go eat bakso.

  63. erwin says:

    I've been learn English Course for 2 years about 18 years ago, but still i can speak English with foreign although i used basic one. I love English because with English i can communicate with other person.

  64. Nuraeni says:

    I was born in Bogor, so I learnt Sundanese and Bahasa for my daily language. When I was on grade 3 in elementary school, i started studying english in my school. My teacher taught me well. English is very much interesting. My english go better when i was in second grade of vocational high school around 1 year ago and my score in English Subject was better too. English is world language. There’re so many countries that use english for their language. So, if I can speak english, I can go travelling around the world without go there. But I hope that I can go there someday.

  65. Merly Asih Sigiro says:

    english is fun . easy but sometimes difficult.

  66. titiwati says:

    Wow, great… So what do they do now? Do they take English course in Cambridge Indonesia? I have read some article about this site. i think the most important thing to learn English is self-Confidence. if we don’t have self-confidence we will never improve our English. Although our English is not as good as their, we still Dare to speak and to write in English.

  67. teguh says:

    cambridge making indonesian good speaking english. good…good…

  68. muhtar says:

    bahasa inggris sangat berguna untuk komunikasi sehari-hari apalagi untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan melalui jurnal internasional.

  69. aprilia says:

    bahasa inggris itu cukup sulit bagi saya karena saya kurang mempraktekkan dalam keseharian saya.

  70. Jenny Nasruddin says:

    Bahasa inggris adalah bahasa internasional dan sy ingin menguasai bahasa tersebut di tambah sy seorang ibu yang memiliki anak yg sekolah SD suka bertanya tentang pelajaran bahasa ibggris, sedihnya saya tidak bisa membantunya

  71. Bunda Rita says:

    Alhamdulillah, ketemu Blog ini,really helpfull. Makasih yaa

  72. Haqim Hasan Albana says:

    I think English is an important language to be learnt. Despite of its status as the international language, mastering this language is a must for every student who has desire to study overseas. actually my background is an educational student, therefore, i want to know the best and appropriate method to teach English for indonesian student.

  73. ahmad abdul latif says:

    as far as i know, english has been the universal language that we have to be able to speak with the foreigner from other countries.

  74. serli silfiana says:

    Im graduate from muria kudus university. my program study guidance and counceling. english language is windows’s world. because we can communication with all people.

  75. Edi Priyono says:

    Easy going. I want to travel around the world.

  76. agunso says:

    I would like to have the ability to speak English that well, but I did not have enough time to learn so I tried to find a good method of learning so as to improve my english

  77. Apri Susilawan says:

    IlOVE English but Really hard to say. I Want to study speak in English every day

  78. ULI ROHANI says:

    Aku ingin bisa ke luar negeri

  79. yulinda says:

    i can speak english fluently

  80. shinta says:

    Bahasa inggris merupakan bahasa internasional, saya ingin mempelajarinya, agar ketika saya pergi keluar negeri, saya bisa fasih ketika berbicara dengan orang luar dan mereka mamahami perkataan saya

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