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What is the best way to learn English?

Learning English, or any new language, is not as difficult as most people think.  The problem is that most people who try to learn English use the wrong methods and believe that just studying “harder and longer” is the right solution.

I have a lot of experience teaching English to people who really want to improve.  I’ve seen many people succeed and many people fail.  My  goal over the past couple of years has been to find the best way to learn English.

I’m a native speaker and I interview a lot of people for well paying international jobs and I have a lot of friends from all over the world.  I’ve listened to the secrets from all the best students I’ve seen.

The funny thing is that the students who learn well don’t even think they are studying.  They are having fun.  They don’t think of studying English as some terrible thing that they “should” do.  They learn from popular American TV shows, movies, and of course podcasts.

The worst way to study is to use a dictionary and try to remember a lot of new vocabulary words.  You will get bored quickly and you will forget a lot.  In over 10 years I’ve never seen anyone having success with this method.

Reading the newspaper is also a terrible way to study because the style of newspaper writing is completely different from the way that people actually communicate with each other.

It’s 2011 and you should be thinking of the most modern methods instead of the terrible ones of the past.  Your parents probably learned English in school and I’m guessing they don’t speak very well at all.  They are probably smart people, it’s just that schools don’t teach anything useful.  They focus on test scores and grammar and a lot of weird things that are really not important or necessary at all.

My brother and I have spent several years watching the best movies and TV shows and writing down all the cool slang and useful phrases and vocabulary that you will often hear and need in your daily life.  I use all of these really interesting and fun vocabulary and slang words and explain them clearly in 10-12 minute podcasts.  These are MP3’s that you can download on your Android phone, computer, Iphone, Ipad, Galaxy tab, or any other MP3 player like a regular ipod.

You can listen to our funny shows and learn a natural style of speaking between two brothers from Canada.  In case you didn’t know, we sound basically the same as Americans.  Even when we meet American people, they don’t know if we are Canadian or American.  We are from a city just outside of Toronto and we’re living in Shanghai China.  If you go to the gym, go for walks, drive a car, take the bus, or just have some time before bed to listen to us for 10-15 minutes per day, your spoken English, listening, and even writing will improve very quickly.   I know that because we’ve sold over 10 000 of these products.

We have many people send us emails every day telling us that they really improved a lot and it makes us really happy to hear that.  You can have the whole program downloaded immediately after you buy it.  If you want to know a little more about what we do, sign up below for our free English learning ebooks and learning advice that we will email you.  We are not a big boring company.  We will email you friendly funny stuff that will really help your life and help you become like a true native English speaker.

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