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Wonderful Books

Tell us about a book you are reading (or have read). What is its title? Who wrote it? What is it about? Why do you like it?


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21 Responses to Wonderful Books

  1. Robson says:

    The book is: ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”.
    I don´t now who wrote, but the book is very intersting,
    The book is related the behavior in our relationship, how we can undestand each other.
    I´ve choosen this book due to the title, which suggest difference between male and female and I thought that could help me in my relationship.
    Anyway, I liked a lot…

  2. sarh65 says:

    I read¨”la casa de los espiritus” (I don´t know the title in English) some years ago. It was written by Isabel Allende, who is Chilean and I´m reading it again. It´s a wonderful story of a family and it´s full of passion. Read it. I recommend it.

  3. THIBEAUX says:

    The last book I read in English calls: “The Devil’s Advocate” from Morris West. It is the most impressive novel I have ever read to the point that I decided to write my seventh novel in English, “Operation Arcadius” (editIon EAN 9782960056693). My main character, the fascinating Countess Anne-Louise de Sanctis, has been inspired by the English author: I didn’t even change her name. You will find a synopsis on my website I am currently reading “Our Man in Havana” from Graham Greene. Typically British! GEORGES THIBEAUX

  4. Bruce says:

    I am now reading the sequel to WOLF OF THE PLAINS by Conn Iggulden (Harper Collins). His second historical novel on the life of Genghis Khan, LORDS OF THE BOW (ISBN 978-0-00-720176-1 is also a winner.
    I use texts to teach aspects of creative writing… adjectives, adverbs, metaphors and the overall use of synonyms plus excellent syntax!
    Furthermore, because it makes interesitng reading for people from that part of thr world there is an added incentive to read! A much needed discipline in language learning!

  5. hanane says:

    Hullo Dear Sir,
    it is a Danielle Steel’s LONE EAGLE. I read it three times/thrice. it is about an aviator, Joe, who loves airoplanes and Elizabeth, an eighteen-years old girl. they fell in love. But what is exciting about this story is that struggle between the tree items: love, freedom and possessing; joe who wants to flybfree and Elizabeth hwo wants him by her side.Because of its easy English and interesting events I liked it.I also read SHE and Gone but not forgotten and some others.Now I am reading Thurston House. thank you for asking

  6. kim says:

    I have read the story “In another country’. This is the famous story of Hemmingway. The story talks a bout the fate of soldier after the war. When I read this story by myself, I cannot understand clearly what the meaning of the story. After my teacher explains it, I understand all the meaning of the story.
    This story gives me a profound lesson about life. We cannot run away with difficult in our life. Because life looks like a way and each of us has a responsibility to complete it. Besides, there is some difficult, complex which we must overcome.

  7. Tehua says:

    Hi there!
    I’ve read all 7 books from the Harry Potter saga. My favorite one is the fourth “El Cáliz de Fuego” (What’s the name in English?). I’ve read the trilogy from The Lord of the Rings. I really enjoyed the way JRR Tolkien described every detail in his books. The Hobbit was also one of my favorites with Bilbo sealing Frodo’s faith. I’ve also read four books from the Narnia Chronicles. My favorite one is the first, where the White Witch and the pole and Aslan appear. As you notice, I love fantastic, magical, mythology based books, with lots of strange creatures, dragons, elves, dwarfs and all those interesting, frightful, loving characters.

  8. Dayal Singh Gosain says:

    “Your Sacred Self” by Wayne Dyer.
    It certainly is awesome & I really recommand it to anyone who wants to get above his/her current level of consciousness & experience divine calmness & joy in life. It helps you to realize where you came from, that you don’t miss anything after you die, & that life & death are both divine blessings.

  9. Robert says:

    At the moment, I’m reading “Oliver Twist”. This book is written by the well known writer “Charles Dickens”.
    The book touches on some black pages in the history of London and the towns in its proximity. It follows the life of Oliver Twist, an orphan boy.
    You’ll probably have heard of the story, there’s also a famous movie adaption.
    Someone looking for a classic read, I can heartily recommend “Oliver twist”.

  10. ymberzal says:

    I am reding the book ‘THE BOYFRIEND’ now. It’s interedting and mysterious. Stine talks about a girl called Joanna who uses boys for time-pass and to her boys were meant to use and throw. She broke up with a boy called Dex. But the boy was deeply and madly in love with her. He died.
    But dex is back from his grave to avenge……..
    It’s a good novel to read, especially during night.

  11. Dessy says:

    I have read for second time “PETER I” by leo Tolstoy and the book delight me as the first time I read it. The story tells about the life of the greatest Russian king Peter I. He managed to change a lot of things in Russia and all for good. Under his government the building of one of the most beautiful cities in the world was started. The city is Saint Petersburg.
    Another book I have read was a SiFi “Fatal experiment” i do not like it very much but it was not and very bad. The story tells about the creation of AI.

  12. Naser says:

    Yesterday I read a part of international economics book, an economic book which is writen by Dominik Salvatora.I read only about exchange rate,I have found ot good and useful and samply I could know what is the idea behand the articals.

  13. Kannika says:

    Dear Sir,
    I like to read many kind of English language book. At my home, I have many books about English such as how to write English well, speacking and listening as well as 4 languages skills in English flied. Due to no good English of me so I have to practice my English skill by reading books. Because I thinks it make me speak or good in English language. Well, I can’t remember the writer of those books because it’s a lot.

  14. Ety says:

    I read all Sydney Sheldon books. The books are very interesting. I couldn’t ever guess what is the end of the story, every books has a special ending. The books also help me to improve my English.Please let me now if I skip one of his books!

  15. inaam says:

    i am reading a book named (Thinking abuot Psychology) the editor of this book try to Explain what is psychology and to help people find out what taking a degree in psychology will be like. and it also tells us about careers in the different areas of professional psychology. its is useful book for a different age to all people to understand their behaviour and individual differences between their.

  16. Becky says:

    I am reading a book named A Walk to remember,which is written by Nicholas Sparks.It’s a love story,a story that tells people how a perfect girl changes a bad boy into a good one.Well,I have seen the film that is adapted by the book before,and was moved by that film a lot.While,I found that book on the internet by chance,so I downloaded it at once.And as the writer said in the prologue”first you will smile,and then you will cry”,I believe that it is really a book that is worth reading.

  17. Chiaki_angel19 says:

    Well, i am reading a book named “The Secret” now,I just bought it yesterday evening. The reason why I hv choosen this interesting book is because I have been wondering why this book is very popular in USA and it’s the best seller book!!
    I told my self I need to find the answer by reading it…..
    You know what, at the beginning I have read it…..I can say
    ” it’s miracle”……So let’s find what the secret the writer’s pround to present us!

  18. Lily says:

    iam reading book called substrate fermentation, it is very exciting in reading because it says that we can ferment animals bones which are too freesh and easy to be smashed into poweder. the way of making this local odour fermentation takes three days on the vat far from the reach of the kids.
    the way of forming this stew in the west of SUDAN in Darfur region. it is locally is called DODRY. IS MADE FROM THE BONES OF THE ANIMALS SUCH, cheeps, lambs. beef, bones marrow. the system of making, the bones are chopped by axes and smashed by stones the it is going to be put on the sunrays for drying, the second stage it will be but in the vat mixed with canbu power for three or four days so after it will be ready for having however sudanese they have Dodry with,Aseda from breakfast in the moring in the invation time and refeshment.
    this book is very cordinal virture fro tardtional food in Africa.

  19. Soretta Y Davies says:

    I really enjoy reading books and poems made by me,they are to the point,they have moral lessons that the readers understand,it is very good for both young and old to learn, it has key points that you learn from,it is basically on the World and your Life,the facts about friendship, love, happiness, the fight about HIV and Aids that is affecting people, the spreading and prevention of it,e.t.c

  20. rasool says:

    Hi, I’ve just read “Laskar Pelangi” by Andrea Hirata. This book is really touch. He Andrea, told us about ten elementary students who studied in the worst building and no one want to school there because the building is bad. In the first time Andrea registered, a teacher said that he couldn’t study with them if they didn’t get another boys/girls to registered too. They needed 10 students at least. And the miracle cames, one boy is registered by an old woman. Then… TADAAAAA.. Andrea could study at school finally..

  21. Arun says:

    I just finished reading the book named ” The Present” written by Spencer Johnson. This is the second time I read the book after year’s. It talks about How to Balance one’s work life ? It talks about How to make use of past?, How to use your future? & what to do in The Present?
    Wonderfull book which brings lot of solace to the one who is disturbed in their work life.
    Thank U.

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